Build and publish your extension's lambda functions to RoamJS' backend infrastructure


The RoamJS Scripts lambdas command uses Webpack to bundle your lambda functions and deploys them to AWS. It reads the lambdas/ directory from your root and treats each file found at the root level as a separate entry point. Then, it compares the code hash between what's live on AWS and what was built, only deploying if there have been changes.
This command is very opinionated towards RoamJS' current development workflow. If you are interested in using this command, please first reach out to [email protected]


Add the following script to your package.json:
"lambdas": "roamjs-scripts lambdas"
Then run the following command from the command line:
npm run lambdas


  • --build - When set, the command will simply build the lambda functions and output them to the root out/ directory instead of deploying them to AWS.