Publish your Roam extension to RoamJS!


The RoamJS Scripts publish command pushes your compiled extension to RoamJS. The command reads all the files in your source directory and pushes them to the path reserved for this extension. It also publishes a versioned copy to the directory [path]/[version], where path is your reserved RoamJS path and version is the extension's publishing date in yyyy-MM-dd-hh-mm format.


Add the following script to your package.json:
"publish": "roamjs-scripts publish"
Then run the following command from the command line:
npm run publish


  • --path [path] - The reserved path for your extension on RoamJS and the destination for the file uploads. The default value is the name field in your package.json or the name of the repository if there is none.
  • --source [source] - The source directory that the extension will upload assets from. The default value is build.
  • --token [token] - The RoamJS developer token required to upload to RoamJS. To generate a token, be sure to sign up at Default value uses the ROAMJS_DEVELOPER_TOKEN environment variable, which is actually the recommended approach for setting this value.