Publish GitHub Action

Publish to RoamJS using an available GitHub Action!


Instead of publishing extensions from the console, you can publish to RoamJS as part of a continuous integration pipeline using the RoamJS Publish GitHub Action. This action is open source and could be found here.
In addition to doing everything the RoamJS Scripts Publish command does, this GitHub action could also optionally create GitHub releases tied to the commit that was published and using the same version that was generated as a tag.


Create a GitHub Action YAML file in your .github/workflows directory that looks like this:
branches: master
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
name: Deploy
- uses: actions/[email protected]
- name: RoamJS Publish
uses: dvargas92495/roamjs-[email protected]
token: ${{ secrets.ROAMJS_DEVELOPER_TOKEN }}
source: .
path: roam42
release_token: ${{ secrets.ROAMJS_RELEASE_TOKEN }}


  • token - The Developer token generated from RoamJS at
  • source - The directory from which to deploy your extension assets from. Typically this will be a build directory like build, dist, or out.
  • path - The RoamJS .destination path where your extension assets are deployed to. A value of roam42 publishes extension assets to*.
  • release_token - (Optional) A Github personal access token with permission to create releases in your repository. If set, the action will create a release tagged with the same version number assigned to the published extension.