RoamJS Scripts

A command line utility for creating, building, developing, and publishing new Roam extensions.


It's possible to create Roam extensions simply by editing the code block component directly within Roam. This approach does not scale well. Eventually, a developer will run into several of the common problems that modern tooling was created to solve.
RoamJS Scripts is a command-line toolkit that helps Roam developers build extensions the RoamJS way. Each command is pretty opinionated towards which technology it uses so that defaults are sensible and minimal configuration is necessary. If the current approaches don't fit your workflow, then I'd recommend either forking the library to fit your use case, or opting out of the tools entirely.
The code for these tools is publicly available in this repository.


You could use this package directly from npx without having to install it:
npx roamjs-scripts [command] [...args]
Alternatively, you could install it globally from npm and use it anywhere:
npm install roamjs-scripts -g
roamjs-scripts [command] [...args]
Finally, you could also install it to a project directly to use within a given extension's package.json script:
npm install --save-dev roamjs-scripts
"command": "roamjs-scripts [command] [...args]"


The following commands are supported in RoamJS Scripts: